Friday, 11 November 2011

Mining for Gold

Perusing the web in search of information to share with staff regarding the usefulness of RSS feeds, I came across an article in Learning and Leading with Technology (March/April 2009) entitled Mining for Gold by Chris Bigenho. He states "the truth is that RSS allows [him] to pull together rapidly changing and mounting information. describes RSS as content coming to you instead of you having to go many different websites. This is exactly why I think I like this tool so much.

Bill Ferriter says it as I feel it:
Having fallen madly in love with my feed reader several years ago---who COULDN'T get behind a digital tool that automatically checks my favorite websites for new content every day and brings updates to one homepage for me

I agree wholeheartedly! I have fallen in love with my feed reader and enjoy reading the variety of blogs I am following almost as much as reading a good novel (not quite though!). I have learned so much in the past that I can't help recommending to have an RSS feed either on your computer or on your smartphone. I would never know even half of what I have learned without this tool. My next step will be to get some of my staff on board. With our focus on inclusion in our school, this is the ultimate tool to find information to support our journey either with strategies to use in the classroom or research to back up what we are doing. Until that time, I will continue to share what I have found with my staff on a regular basis and hope they appreciate and find useful the material I have found.

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