Sunday, 6 November 2011

I love the mountains with Flickr

I am trying to learn more about Flickr in order to introduce it to my teachers. Berger and Trexler outline several uses for Flickr in the classroom and include:
-writing prompts
-discussions around an image
-teaching categories and classification in science class
-capture school events and field trips
-create color and number sets for primary students
-create trading cards for famous people for a biography unit
-practice sequencing with a step by step record of a larger process
-virtual storytelling
-illustrate a poem or story
-art study, analysis, discussion through notes feature
-virtual portfolio using the set feature
-label diagrams
-storage site for photos to use with other applications like Big Huge Lab, Magazine Cover, Movie Poster, etc (p 149)
Adding photos to my account is super easy and I even added an app to my iPhone that allows me to upload photos to Flickr directly from my phone. I thought one of the easiest things for students to do would be to take a series of pictures to create a set. So I did that and added a set of 10 photos from the mountains. Next, I looked into sharing my set on my blog. With a simple copy of embed code, my slide show is here. Amazing, isn't it?

This would be an excellent tool that would meet the needs of all students in the classroom. Not only would students enjoy this as part of their language arts program, but would be able to use this skill over time as they moved to junior high, high school and beyond. A lifelong skill for sure.

I am finding it easier to use Flickr and I am especially happy with the iPhone App that allows me to upload to Flickr using my phone. I was confused about how to get pictures from the phone to the computer and this has made it very easy to do so. I am still learning about all that Flickr is capable of and I am sure I have only touched the "tip of the iceberg."

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