Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bookmark This!

As I visited a grade 6 classroom at my school, the teacher asked how students could save the websites they had found. They had saved bookmarks in the previous class, or so they thought, and now they were having to re-search for their information because the bookmarks were no longer there for some reason. "Aha!" I said, "I have a new tool to share with you." After explaining my new found understanding of social bookmarking, the teacher invited me to her next class where I will have the distinct pleasure to share information about social bookmarking to a group of grade 6 students.

After researching and using both Delicious and Diigo, I think that either tool would serve the purpose they need. However, I like the sticky note tool and highlighting tool in Diigo, as well as some of the other features, so I will likely share Diigo with the students. As I was looking for a way to show students in case I missed any pertinent information, I came across the blog, InTec Insights: Technology Integration Ideas for the Classroom
The writer states the advantages of social bookmarking and how social bookmarking can be used by educators.
1. Save all of your bookmarks in one place. You will no longer have some of your websites saved on your home computer and some saved on your school computer. Many bookmarking sites also have apps that you can use on iPads and Android devices, so you can also access your bookmarks on iPads or mobile devices, too.
2. Social bookmarking is social because you are sharing your favorite websites with others. You can also view the bookmarks of people with similar interests. So, if you teach math you may find some great sites that are bookmarked by another math teacher.
3. Bookmarking sites allow you to add tags to the websites you save. So a math website could be tagged: math, 6th grade, and algebra. Tags allow you to categorize and organize your sites. So when you are looking for a particular site, it is easier to find.
4. Share your online bookmarks with teachers, students, or parents. You are creating a great resource!
5. Create a grade-level or classroom account and invite students to add websites. Encourage students to evaluate websites for educational merit before including them on your class bookmarking site.

The writer includes a great "how to" video, however, the social bookmarking site, Delicious, is used to demo, but still great information is shared.

Also listed on the blog are several different social bookmarking websites, several I didn't know existed. Everyday I am amazed at the capacity of the Web to help me organize myself and learn.

Here is a video that I will show the grade 6 students to begin their journey with Diigo's social bookmarking. It is so exciting to see teachers embrace these new ideas. I can't even imagine the possibilities for our children with exceptionalities. If you set up a group and several students in the classroom were researching, any student could use the collective knowledge of the group to learn. Such possibilities for all students.

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